Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Open House by TC Matson

Title: Open House
Author: TC Matson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 7, 2017


He was all I knew before I didn’t know him anymore… 

For eleven years, Riley Stallings remained completely devoted to her longtime boyfriend, Brian Shepard. In the beginning, nothing could put a strain on the newly loves—not even an unplanned pregnancy or her parents disowning her for it. But as time goes on, work absorbs Brian, leaving Riley at home, lonely and empty, to handle everything on her own. 

But then she meets him—a man who causes a gravitational pull and prompts the earth to disappear from under her feet. A man who makes her struggle to remember her name—her son’s new teacher. 

Knowing all relationships face difficult obstacles, she turns a blind eye and blames the lure on the lack of attention and fights even harder to fix her broken relationship. And then it happens… Brian presents an inconceivable challenge, derailing Riley and forcing new beginnings for everyone. Will their love be enough to weather the storm?

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Author Bio

“Dreaming in Reality…You dream in reality when you pick up a book and get lost in it. In my writing, I strive to take you to a place where reality and fantasy become a blurry line. Everything should be relatable. It could happen…couldn’t it?” ~ TC Matson 

TC Matson loves to let her character’s voices be heard. With a head full of stories, she puts her keyboard through a beating daily. With an understanding that love isn’t always instant and full of flowers—her writing mirrors it. 

She’s a romance junkie at heart and an avid reader. Add those two together and she will devour books within hours, getting lost in the world the author creates. 

Matson resides in the peaceful Piedmont area of NC with her husband and three boys, where staying hopped up on caffeine is the key to her sanity. Chaos is indefinite and a sense of humor is an absolute must.

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“I’m lightheaded from the rush of euphoria. He tugs me back to his mouth and feathers a kiss on the side of my lip. ‘I can lose myself with you.’ He tugs my bottom lip. ‘Lose all self-control,’ he growls, nipping along my jawline.” 

 Heat Rating:

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5 relatable stars!! OMG…. this book is perfection… pure, honest perfection!

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 Do you ever read a book and think to yourself… is this book about me?? Did this author take notes from my life? I swear TC Matson hit me hard with this book. I have never read a book where it hit home so much, like this book did. (The only difference, my husband has actually opened his eyes.) This book shows you that not all relationships are perfect and things fall apart and while we’re on the ground wounded… there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and things will get better. My heart broke for Riley, she tried her hardest to keep her family together, take her and (Brian, her boyfriend who refuses to marry her) son, Lucas to soccer practice and school, keep the house together and make sure dinner is on the table every night. She and Lucas were essentially pushed to the side by Brian, but when Lucas’ sexy teacher tells her there’s more for her out there if she just opens her eyes (ahem, him). But is she ready to turn her back on a loveless relationship and be alone after 11 years?? 

I read this book in less than 2 hours… I couldn’t put it down. I could relate to Riley on so many levels… I’m the mom keeping everything together, taking the kids to school, keeping the house in order, making dinners, etc while the husband is out working God awful hours. Never has a book hit me so close to home, the way Open House did, and I loved every second of it! I loved that TC showed that not all relationships are perfect and there are problems. Bravo TC, you have a HUGE fan in me!! Go one click this book NOW

Read and reviewed by Melissa - The Sarcastic Bitch!

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