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Fire in the Blood by Lily Freeman

Title : Fire In The Blood 

Author : Lily Freeman

Genre: Contemporary Erotic, BDSM novel.

Eight weeks ago, Polly Jayne Lester vanished.
With no explanation, no goodbyes; she walked away from one life, to start another.
Now based in London, she has a home: new friends, a new dog and – a Master. Luke Monroe is everything she never knew she wanted: dominant, sexy, passionate, and a sadist.
As their relationship develops, with her giving a little and him taking a lot, PJ is forced to explore the side of Luke she’s always found disconcerting, all under the watchful eyes of her neighbors Mika and Elliot, the other two men who have come to mean so much to her.

But at what price? 

When tensions mount between the three unquestionably alpha males, PJ’s caught in the middle. With Luke’s demands intensifying, Elliot’s possessive behaviour becoming more and more evident, and Mika, always her soft place to fall, claiming a little more of her heart each day, she’s torn. She’s already learnt the hard way that love can hurt, and she thought she knew how much, but nothing could have prepared her for this.

‘Fire in the Blood’ is the second book in ‘The Red Series.’ It is not a stand-alone novel, and I would highly recommend that if you intend to read it, you read ‘A Little Band of Red’ first.

Although both are part of a larger series, the first three novels have been written as a complete trilogy, concluding with ‘To Catch a Flame’, due out in December 2016.

With that in mind, not all of your questions will be answered or all hearts mended. But I promise, in the end they will.

Warning: ‘Fire in the Blood’ includes m/f, m/m and m/m/f scenes as well as a darker event containing violence and elements of non-consent.

Twenty minutes later PJ was a wreck, actually shaking as she walked back down the hall, this time to let Luke in. With sweaty palms she opened the door. Her breathtakingly gorgeous boyfriend was standing right there under the security light, looking like an avenging angel with his sandy brown hair slightly dishevelled and beautiful eyes sparkling. He smiled at her, but straight away PJ could see the tension in Luke’s face, and when she took him in from head to toe, his body too. 
“Hello, Darling. Did you miss me?” 
She nodded, words refusing to come, her mouth suddenly so dry. With one step, Luke had her wrapped in his arms. Dropping his head, he sucked in a breath, right by her ear before he kissed her. 
“Say it.” 
    “I missed you, Luke.” 
    Somehow they made it back to her apartment, though all PJ could remember was his kiss. Her lips still tingled while she stood debating whether she should ask him what was wrong. With a finger he tilted her chin before moving lower, still only one little touch, down her neck, over her sternum. The buttons on her coat popped, one, two, three, before her coat fell, leaving her standing in nothing but her tiny excuse of a dress. 
    Taking his time, Luke prowled around her. Her pulse surged, her arms fidgeted at her sides, but it was the quietness which surrounded them that made her apprehensive. 
“I think we need to talk.” 
They did but PJ had absolutely no idea how to start the conversation which had been spinning around her head all day. “We do.” 
He took her hands, bringing her fingertips up to his lips then he kissed each one, all the while his eyes never left her face. 
“Are you scared of me, PJ? Not of what I’ve done, but of who I am?” 
All she could see as she glanced up at him were his soft blue eyes. He looked so sad, so lost and hurt, yet she wouldn’t lie to him. 
“I’m scared of … what you could do.” 
“I promised you, I’d never give you more than you can handle and I haven’t. I know I’ve taken you close, very close, but I’ve kept you safe. So why don’t you trust me?” 
He looked away, his broad shoulders heaving as he fought to remain calm and PJ looked away too. She felt like she was at a crossroads. If she turned left, she’d break Luke's heart and end it all. If she turned right, and gave him what he wanted, she honestly didn’t know what the outcome would be. What she did know was there was only one way to find out.

I didn't discover writing like most authors do. There was no childhood dream, no undeniable urge to put pen to paper. My story started off with an unexpected life changing event : a sizeable tax refund and a water-taxi ride caught from the wrong side of the Thames. I've always been an avid reader and a daydreamer, so when an idea for a novel was born from those three seemingly unrelated events, I ran with it.
That idea became an obsession and also a passion. My characters are big and bold, the men are dominant to a fault and the women are strong and sassy. I'm fascinated by the concept of fate. One decision causing another and another, all of them having consequences which ultimately draw my characters together only to tear them apart. There will always be a happy ending, because there's no denying, I'm a romantic at heart - but a little pain woven amongst all that pleasure makes for a very explosive plot.
When I'm not writing or meticulously plotting my next novel, I am a wife and a mother. I have a healthy appetite for physically challenging sports and I love coffee. If all else fails you'll find me reading a book which was how my journey began and will no doubt be how it will end.



I just... I can't... I.... I'm.... OMG..... I can't even freaking vocalize right now!! Are you FU*KING KIDDING ME!!!
Oh god..... *breathes in, breathes out, breathes in, breathes out*
I ended book one, IN LOVE with PJ and Luke. I wanted everything between them. I'm pretty sure I even said something to the affect of "I'm so jealous of her, I want a man like Luke" And then I read this! WTF! Talk about your flip over 180 degrees... I'm just.... I can't deal right now.
This book, was EVERYTHING.....EVERYTHING.....EVERYTHING I could ever want and need. And when I got to the last page, I legit threw my kindle as far away from me as I could (My puppies weren't happy to be woken from their slumber). You think  you know what 's gonna happen. You have an idea, because it's cliché and what happens in almost every book, but YOU. ARE. WRONG Can we say mind fuck, twists and turns????
And the sexy times???? EFFFFFF ME!!! Even the imagination sex is SCORCHING!

I need book 3..... I need book 3 RIGHT NOW..... I NEEEEEED IT like Luke needs pain. I need it like Mika needs Elliot. I need it like PJ needs coffee! RIGHT NOW!! I'll beg.... I'll beg on my knees.... please please please.... I need it....
So, yeah. if you want a roller coaster that will fuck with your mind, your heart, your senses, and EVERYTHING in between. Get Little Band of Red, enjoy it and love it as I have, and then read this book. You'll feel the same, I can GUARANTEE it. You'll feel as if everything you've ever known to be true is false. You'll fall in love, twice  *wink* and you'll hate more than you have ever thought possible.
Do it.... do it now! Buy it, read it, and then comment and tell me how right I was..... cuz I am right.... 100% right. Lily Freeman you amazing, beautiful, talented, writer, you inspire me, and I effing love you!

ARC provided by Lily Freeman for an Honest Bitchin' Review. Reviewed by The Royal Bitch from Bitches N' Books

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